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Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire


Release date June 14th 2018 (JP eShop), January 30 2020 (US eShop)

A new vertical scroll shooting game makes its debut in a battle royale where five sisters compete for one man!

Choose from one of five individual sisters and use standard attacks, spirit summons, and bombs to defeat enemies.

Play with exciting systems such as the “Tension Bonus System”—which increases the amount of points acquired and coins dropped depending on the distance between the player, enemies, and enemy bullets—and “Power Shots,” which turns the standard attack into a powerful strike!

Additionally, “Secret Fairies” that doubles the increase rate of the Tension Bonus System for a limited amount of time are hidden throughout each stage.

Use these systems to clear each stage with a high score!

Single player game

Physical release: Yes, from Strictly Limited Games.

Rated CERO B.

Other platforms: Playstation 4 (announced)